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For Immediate Release
August 24, 2012 
Contact: Virginia Davis 



Rick Santorum Releases Delegates in Support of Romney-Ryan
Verona, PA -- On a conference call last night with supporters, former Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum shared his intention to formally release his delegates in support of the Romney-Ryan ticket.   
Rick Santorum said, "I am pleased to share the news with my supporters that I am releasing my delegates in support of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan so we can go in to next week's convention united and committed to defeating Barack Obama in November.  This is our opportunity to energize our party with a strong, conservative ticket.  I look forward to making the case on Tuesday night for Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan, because I believe their conservative policies will put our country back on a path to prosperity."
Later today, in a letter to his delegates, Rick Santorum will make this announcement formal.