EMAIL from Friends of Herman Cain, July 13, 2011


Dear [  ] - 

In just 30 days all eyes will be focused on Ames, Iowa, for the 2011 Republican Presidential Straw Poll.  This is considered the first true test of a campaign's organizational strength.

The straw poll can be a springboard that catapults a candidate to victory in the Iowa caucuses.

Our plans are being finalized and all indicators point to an impressive showing in the Hawkeye state.

Over the years, many candidates have spent millions of dollars on the straw poll in an effort to win, place, or show.  It is, after all, the Iowa GOP's largest fundraiser.  The opening bid for booth space at the straw poll was $15,000.  One candidate this cycle spent over $30,000 for a space.

While I will not spend lavishly, I do need the resources to effectively compete.  I invite you to invest in the future of this country and help me to have a strong showing at the Iowa straw poll.

I hope you will make an investment of one of the following:

With your help and whatever amount you can afford, we will show the Washington Establishment elite and the Main-Stream-Media that our previous strong straw poll results were not a fluke.  Our campaign is gaining momentum each day, proving that America is crying out for real leadership and Common Sense Solutions.

Thank you for your support and generosity.

Herman Cain

P.S. I hope you will make a continued investment in our campaign and ensure we have the resources to compete and have a solid showing in Ames.  Please consider a generous donation today.  Thank you again.

EMAIL from Friends of Herman Cain, July 22, 2011

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URGENT --The Cain National Call Team and Herman Cain need your help. We need to contact 80.000 voters in Iowa by making AT LEAST 1000-1500 calls EVERY DAY until Aug 13th. On Wednesday LESS THAN 300 CALLS WERE MADE TO IOWA VOTERS.LETS GO CAINIACS. Join the CAIN National Call Team and if you are already on the Team please MAKE THOSE CALLS EVERY DAY. If you need help its available. Info is on the group page Cain National Call Team.

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