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David Malpass Announces Radio Write-in Campaign for Texas Governor Rick Perry at the August 13 Ames, IA Straw Poll; Asks Iowa Voters to Write in "Rick Perry" During a 60 Second Radio Commercial

NEW YORK, July 26, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- GrowPAC, a political organization dedicated to renewing America's commitment to smaller government, individual freedom, private sector growth and strong national security, today announced its support for Governor Rick Perry and encourages him to run for President of the United States.

"We're asking Iowa voters to write in Rick Perry on August 13 at the Ames Straw poll, we want to encourage the Governor to run for President," said GrowPAC Chairman David Malpass. "We need a pro-growth upheaval in Washington. Rick Perry can bring the energy and backbone to get it done. The Governor's fed up with big-government overreach, his book and his speeches are full of details about how careful decision-making based on the tenth amendment can help restore freedom and security. We need a presidential candidate who can win and reverse the big-government takeover of health care and the economy. He knows that the problems go far beyond debt limits and spending cuts and into the core of small business job creation. Washington's wasteful spending, uncontrolled regulation, and constant thirst for more taxes are weakening our economy and mortgaging our children's future. Rick Perry understands that, can stop it, and should be encouraged to run for President."

David Malpass is a nationally recognized economist, an established expert on federal budget and tax policy, and an independent voice for a brighter American future. As a senior Treasury and State Department official during the Reagan and Bush 41 Administrations, Mr. Malpass helped enact pro-growth legislation, including landmark bills such as the 1986 tax reform, which ushered in two decades of unprecedented American prosperity. During his 17 years as a leading Wall Street economist and policy analyst, he has studied and encouraged job-creating economic programs around the world. His core belief is that long term U.S. prosperity and job growth require limiting the federal government's expansion including reduced federal spending, holding the line on taxes and pro-growth policies to create a strong and stable dollar.

Radio ad transcript:

Hi, I'm David Malpass. As an economist and father of four, I'm appalled at Washington's out of control debt. President Obama is making things worse. We need a president who will stop this.

Texas Governor Rick Perry has a proven track record of controlling spending and creating jobs. He succeeded in Texas by believing in less government, not more.

Rick Perry understands the 10th amendment and has the backbone to bring an upheaval to Washington.

Iowa has a chance to turn things around for America.

At the Ames Straw Poll write in Rick Perry, he can win and make America secure again.

I worked for Ronald Reagan and I know how countries create growth and jobs.

Let's give Rick Perry a chance.

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Ed. note July 26 Per Audrey Mullen: "the ad is up today,  will run until the straw poll ends"