PRESS RELEASE from Ron Paul Presidential Campaign Committee
May 13, 2011

Ron Paul Launches Iowa Straw Poll Website
Seeks to Gather Supporters to Attend August Event in Ames

ANKENY, IA – Coming on the heels of his announcement he is officially running for President, Ron Paul's Iowa campaign team unveiled a dedicated web platform to encourage supporters to attend the Iowa Straw Poll in August. The website, will encourage supporters to attend the event and get involved as volunteers.

“Ron Paul's announcement today has Iowans tremendously energized and they are ready to support him.” said Campaign Chairman Drew Ivers. “The website we unveiled today will be an additional tool to identify, recruit and organize Ron Paul supporters throughout the state."

The website includes details of the Iowa Straw Poll, directions to the event and the requirements to vote as designated by the Republican Party of Iowa. The Ron Paul 2012 Campaign is making tickets available to supporters for $20. This includes a ticket to the event, free food and bus transportation and additional campaign exclusives. The website is currently running a special rate of only $10 for those who purchase a ticket before July 4th.

Dr. Ron Paul is the leading spokesman in Washington for limited constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, and a return to sound monetary policies. For more information on Ron Paul’s Presidential Campaign efforts in Iowa visit