SUMMARY from Strong America Now

10:00 Rep. Thaddeus McCotter signs Strong America Now pledge and speaks

10:30 Gov. Tim Pawlenty speaks

11:00 Former Speaker Newt Gingrich speaks

11:30 Strong America Now members march to voting area

1:00 Sen. Rick Santorum speaks

1:45 Herman Cain Speaks

Aug. 12
"We have an air conditioned tent on the lawn of the Stephen's building. We'll have a band, refreshments and snacks on Saturday. We also have various give-aways including hats, t-shirts and water bottles. All of our pledge signers have committed to coming by our tent to speak to our members during the day. We are passing out voter guides that include all of our pledge signers (Rep. Bachmann, Cain, Speaker Gingrich, Gov. Johnson, Rep. Paul, Gov. Pawlenty and Sen. Santorum).

"We are busing in our members from all corners of Iowa. Those who are riding our buses are Strong America Now pledge signers, and we are encouraging them to wear their Strong America Now t-shirt."