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No American Debt

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:30 ad run starting May 25, 2011 in NH.

[Music] Pataki (voiceover): Both parties got us here.  Reckless spending, record debt. 

When Barack Obama's bipartisan commission charted the path, he ignored it.

When Republicans offered a plan, he attacked it.

His proposal?  Raise taxes and cut spending...somewhere...someday.

That's no plan.

Pataki (to camera): We must do better.  Join us.  You know we can do the right thing; every generation of Americans has.

Coinciding with release of this ad, former Gov. George Pataki made a May 24, 2011 visit to NH to promote his group No American Debt; he had breakfast with Republican leaders; and spoke as part of the ECON-101 Town Hall series at New England College in Henniker.  Pataki, who had appeared to rule out a presidential run on Sean Hannity' show on April 20, re-opened the door a bit during the visit.  (“I’m not running now…we’ll see what happens over the course of the next month.”)