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American Future Fund

"Real Solutions" +
:30 ad run starting Oct. 27, 2012 in CO, and Nov. 1 in MI, OH and PA.

[Music] Women (to camera and voiceover):

We are America's women.

We work hard...

We raise kids...

We teach...

We inspire...

We manage...

We compete...

And we don't settle; we find real solutions.

Right now 23 million Americans are out of work.

Forty-six million are on food stamps.

And as we struggle, the cost of every day life is going up.

Our country needs jobs, a healthy economy, and a plan for our future.

Women: That's why we're voting for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

Notes: From the Oct. 27, 2012 press release on this ad...

America's Women

American Future Fund is releasing a new TV ad today in Colorado titled “Real Solutions” highlighting the strength and power of America’s women.

America’s women are diverse, smart and informed.  They are America’s workforce, America’s nurturers, America’s educators, America’s athletes, America’s inspiration.  They refuse to settle in their personal or professional lives.  America’s women find real solutions for challenges big and small.  And they expect the same from their government.

But America’s women are being let down by a government that is borrowing and spending on the back of future generations.  Twenty-three million Americans are out of work.  Forty-six million rely on food stamps to get by.  The cost of every day living is going up.

America’s women are voting too.

“American women represent a powerful voting block,” stated AFF Founder Nick Ryan.  “America’s women want jobs, a healthy economy and a plan for the future.  That’s why they’re voting for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.”