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"Party Line" +
:60 ad from late Oct. 2012.


[Music] Female Announcer: I'm not a Republican, or a Democrat.  I've never voted along some party line, and I'm not going to start now.  I don't care about the letter behind the name; I just want a president who can reach across the aisle to get things done. 

Did President Obama do that these past four years?  No.  Did Mitt Romney do that as governor of Massachusetts?  Yes.

Even though nearly 90-percent of the state legislators were from the other party, Mitt Romney was able to balance the budget, and cut taxes for the middle class by working with the legislature.  That's what real leadership is all about.  Mitt Romney knows how to get things done, and with this economy and chronic unemployment, we need to get things done.

That's why this year, I'm voting for Mitt Romney

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