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"Fed Up" +
:60 ad from Nov. 2, 2012.

[Static SFX] [Music] Obama (clip from ad): "There will be debates, speeches and more ads..."

[Channel change] News announcer: "...economy right now that can't find the bottom of bad news..."

[Channel change] Romney (clip): "I speak the language of business.  I know how jobs are created..."

[Channel change] Obama (clip): "I promise you change will come..."

[Static SFX] Woman: [Screams in exasperation, kicks over TV] 

I'm fed up.  With Washington, with politics, with bickering.  With wasteful, out-of-control spending.

TEXT ON SCREEN: $16 trillion in debt
                                 $4 billion borrowed every day

I wanted change in 2008.  We didn't get it, though, did we?  We just got more of the same.

They keep telling us it's getting better.  But look around.  The economy sucks.

TEXT ON SCREEN: 23 million unemployed
                                 46 million on food stamps

Food, gas, rent, health care.  Everything's more expensive.  And people are really struggling.

So, this time, I'm voting for real change.  I'm voting for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. 

But guys, don't get too comfortable.  I'm going to keep voting for change until we actually get it.