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Americans for Prosperity

"Obama Sacrifices Pawns for Politics" +
:60 ad run starting Jan. 16, 2012 in IA, MI, NC, OH, VA and WI.

[Music] Obama: "The true engine of economic growth will always be companies like Solyndra."

Male Announcer: We all know about Solyndra.  The White House emails, the FBI raids.  Solyndra investors raise campaign money for Solyndra.  The government gives Soyndra half a billion in taxpayer money.  Politcs as usual.

Within the administration, the company's potential collapse had long been discussed, knowing all along Solyndra would have to fire their workers.  But Solyndra held off until after the 2010 elections.  Eleven hundred workers had no idea they would be fired, but the Obama administration knew.  All that mattered was the 2010 election.  Optics not workers. 

It's not about people, it's politics.  Solyndra's workers felt betrayed.  Today 90-percent of Solyndra's laid off workers remain unemployed.  Half a billion in taxpayer money gone.  And Obama said this was a model of jobs and growth?

[Clip] Interviewer: "Do you regret that?"  Obama: "No, I don't...overall it's doing well."

Male Announcer: Tell President Obama American workers aren't pawns in your political games.

Notes: This ad struck a nerve, prompting the Obama campaign's first significant ad buy ("Unprecedented").