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Citizens Against Government Waste/Americans for Prosperity

"The Chinese Professor" +
:60 ad from Oct. 21, 2012, run on national cable [note this ad also ran in Fall 2010].

[Music] TEXT: Beijing, China  2030 AD

Chinese Professor [in Chinese w/ subtitles]Why do great nations fail?

The Ancient Greeks...

the Roman Empire...

the British Empire...

and the United States of America.

They all make the same mistakes
turning their back on the principles
that made them great.

America tried to spend and tax itself
out of a great recession.

Enormous so-called "stimulus" spending
massive changes to health care
government takeovers of private industries
and crushing debt.

Of course, we owned most of their debt...
[laughs] so now they work for us. [students laugh]

Male Announcer: America can determine our own future, but only if we own it.

For American independence, we must cut spending and waste.