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"Four More" +
:30 ad from Oct. 10, 2012 run in CO, FL, NC and OH.

[Music] Obama, clip from ad: "So what's my plan.."

Female Announcer: More of the same.  He's demanding tax hikes. Over two million small businesses will get higher taxes.  700,000 workers a pink slip.  And he wants more spending, just like his failed stimulus.  After trillions in more debt with nothing to show for it, we can't repeat those mistakes. 

Another four years focused on everything but jobs?

No thanks.

Female Announcer: American Crossroads is responsible for the content of this advertising.

Notes: The Oct. 10 press release...

New American Crossroads TV Ad Hits Obama for Wanting 4 More Years of the Same

American Crossroads launches $7.4m buy in four states focusing on President’s lack of attention to economy over last four years.

WASHINGTON – American Crossroads today launched a new television ad that slams President Barack Obama for promoting more of the same policies that failed to get the economy moving over the last four years.

Supported by a $7.4 million television buy, the new 30-second ad will run in four states for one week.  The spot, entitled “Four More,” will run in the following states: Colorado, North Carolina, Ohio and Florida. The ad highlights Obama’s general lack of focus on economic matters for the first four years of his presidency, and asks why voters would want four more years of the same.

The ad can be viewed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdYjp8-RMwA.  Broadcast-quality versions are available upon request.

“Obama’s weak leadership on the economy over the last four years has yielded weak results and a weaker America,” said American Crossroads president and CEO Steven Law. “If the last four years saw the worst economic recovery in modern history, why should voters expect another four years of Obama to be any different?”

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