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Americans for Responsible Leadership

"Chris Christie for President" +
1:08 web video from Oct. 3, 2011. 

[Music] Christie: "They believe in bigger government, higher taxes and more spending."

"This is the crap I have to hear."  [laughter]

"They call me a bully; they had this big rally.  And see I don't understand what they mean.  'Cause this is how I define a bully."

"The bully's the one that standing and everybody else is on the ground bleeding.

"I said, you punch them; I punch you."

"You know you should really see me when I'm pissed."

"Maybe you might say honest and refreshing.  Maybe we could see that in your paper tomorrow."

"I believe in less government, lower taxes.  That may lead to a disagreement or two."

"We can't afford it."

"We don't have a money tree."

"I'll put up our record of accomplishment against anybody's in the country.  I think we'll do really well."

"We have to get realistic about telling people the truth."

"You're done.  It's 4:30.  You've maximized your tan.  Get the hell off the beach."

Get the hell in the race.
Your country needs you.


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Notes: This video features a series of clips of Christie leading to the abrupt tagline.  The video came out at the time when calls for Christie to enter the race were peaking; he was expected to announce his decision in a matter of days. 

According to its website, "Americans for Responsible Leadership seeks to promote the general welfare by educating the public on concepts that advance government accountability, transparency, ethics, and related public policy issues."