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Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow (Colbert Super PAC)

"Undaunted Non-Coordination" +
0:58 web video from Nov. 7, 2011.

[Music] Roemer: Hi, I'm Buddy Roemer.  God, I wish I weren't in this ad.  See, I didn't pay for it.  Colbert Super PAC did, and super PACs are not supposed to coordinate with candidates like me.  But because this is an issue ad about super PACs not coordinating with candidates I can be in it, as long as I don't say [Bleep SFX] for me.

I say that argument is just a fig leaf so super PACs can justify doing anything they want.

And they have a lot of money, folks.  They built this fake set with fake books [shattering sound as fake books hit the floor] filled with real money.

Hell, they even bought Colbert a unicorn.

Colbert: All perfectly legal, Rainbow.  [unicorn whinnies]

Roemer: I'm Buddy Roemer and I approve this message.  Did you?

Colbert: To Narnia.

Male Announcer: This issue ad paid for by Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow and approved by Buddy Roemer.  No money was harmed in the making of this ad.

Notes: Brilliant.