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"Too Much" +
:30 ad run starting April 11, 2012 broadcast and cable in CO, FL, IA, NV, OH and VA.

[Music, ticking SFX]
TEXT on Screen: President Obama's TV Claim
Male Announcer
: Under President Obama domestic oil production's at an 8-year high...

TEXT on Screen: Oh really?
Female Announcer
: Oh really?  His own administration admits production is down where Obama's in charge.

TEXT on Screen: The real story...
Female Announcer: The real story...

Clip of David Gregory on NBC's "Meet the Press" (3/25/12): A lot of these increases in production went back to Bush-era decisions, and most of them of course are on private land.  So you're taking credit for this boost in exploration which is not really fair...

Female Announcer: Taking credit for others' hard work.  Typical Washington.  [SFX]  No matter how Obama spins it, gas costs too much.

Tell Obama stop blaming others and work to pass better energy policies.

Notes: The April 10 press release announcing the ad...

New Crossroads GPS Ad Presses Obama on Failure to Keep Gas Prices Low
Broadcast and cable buy totals $1.7 million in six states.

WASHINGTON – Crossroads Grassroots Policy Strategies (Crossroads GPS) today announced the launch of a new TV spot focusing on President Obama’s failed efforts to keep gas prices low – specifically, policies that have decreased energy production.

The issue ad, entitled “Too Much,” will start Wednesday morning on broadcast and cable networks in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, Ohio, and Virginia in a buy totaling $1.7 million.

The spot, which can be viewed here, urges viewers to contact the White House to advocate for realistic energy solutions that will address the rising cost of gasoline.  The ad is also available for high resolution download upon request.

“President Obama’s ‘hope and change’ has deteriorated into hype and blame – puffing up his record and blaming others for policy failures,” said Crossroads GPS president Steven Law. “This ad sets the record straight and calls for real solutions to sky-high gas prices, not more political spin.”

According to the U.S. Department of Interior, oil production on federal lands and waters decreased by 14% in 2011 from the previous year. Meanwhile, the president personally lobbied the U.S. Senate to block the Keystone XL pipeline, which would have brought oil from Canada to American refineries, and his administration has virtually eliminated the creation of any new coal electricity plants.

Crossroads GPS is a policy and grassroots advocacy organization that is committed to educating, equipping and mobilizing millions of American citizens to take action on the critical economic and legislative issues that will shape our nation’s future.

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