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"Cecil Roberts"
:60 ad run in Western Pennsylvania, Southern Ohio and West Virginia starting April 13, 2012.  $175,000 buy.


[Music] Male Announcer: What will happen to coal miners and their families as a result of the Obama Administration's new EPA regulations?

A recent interview with United Mineworkers President Cecil Roberts tells it like it is.

Male Interviewer: Cecil Roberts is with us, and this administration is hanging you guys out to dry, hanging you out to dry.

Cecil Roberts: I would say this.  The Navy SEALs shot Osama bin Laden in Pakistan and Lisa Jackson shot us in Washington.  The people would lose their health care that they have, and it's the best health care in the world, if the coal industry collapses, and people's pensions would be cut drastically.

Male Interviewer: This would not be happening by the EPA if it didn't have the imprimatur of the president of the United States.

Cecil Roberts: [inaud.]... Look, this is a job killer for us.

Male Announcer: Our health care, pensions and way of life are on the line.  Say no to the Obama Administration's extreme EPA rule.

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Notes: From the April 13, 2012 press release:

WASHINGTON – American Crossroads today launched a new radio ad in coal country blasting President Obama’s efforts to effectively destroy the coal industry.  The spot highlights United Mine Workers President Cecil Roberts strikingly candid criticism of the Obama administration.

The advertisement, entitled “Cecil Roberts,” will start today on radio stations in western Pennsylvania, Southern Ohio and West Virginia in a total buy of $175,000.  The spot can be listened to here.

The spot uses unfiltered comments by United Mine Workers president Cecil Roberts, from his interview with a West Virginia radio station where he berated President Obama for attacking the coal industry.  You can listen to Roberts’ full interview here.

“Cecil Roberts’ undoctored comments speak volumes about President Obama’s extraordinary efforts to destroy the coal industry for thousands of hard-working families in coal country,” said American Crossroads communications director Jonathan Collegio.  “When the top official of the United Mine Workers top says President Obama’s war on coal will destroy the way of life in coal country, you know it is time for change in the White House.”

New regulations proposed by the Obama Administration on coal could cost the coal-fired power plant industry up to $180 billion or more, causing electricity rates to increase between 11-23 percent, and cost literally hundreds of thousands of jobs in utilities, mining and other coal-related sectors of the economy, with a dramatic negative effect on the Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia economies.