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Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee

"Care" +
:60 ad from June 20, 2012, run on national cable and IA, MN, NH, NM, VA and VA.

[Music, SFX] Dr. Ami Siems, Family Practioner (voiceover and to camera): As a doctor I do everything I can to make sure my patients get the very best care.

But look at our health care system.  Everyone agreed we needed reforms, but this new health care law just isn't fixing things. 

President Obama promised my patients that they could keep me.  But what if because of this new health care law, I can't keep them. 

I've looked at this law.  I know the consequences.  Delayed care, and worse yet, denied care. 

Studies show the president's health care law is projected to add hundreds of billions of dollars to our deficit and increase spending by more than $1 trillion.  And the truth is we still don't know how much this law will eventually cost. 

I don't want anything to come between my patients and me, especially Washington bureaucrats.  We need real reform that improves care, and the president's health care law just isn't it.  It just isn't worth it. 

This is where health care decisions should be made, not in Washington.