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Citizens for a Working America PAC

:60 ad heard in coal country, early Nov. 2012.


rough transcript

Announcer: Coal runs deep in our hills, deep in our hearts...

...Meet Cassidy.

Cassidy: My family has been involved in coal mining for their life (lives?), starting with my great grandfather, my grandfather, my father and now my fiancé xxxx.

Announcer: Then Cassidy's fiancé was laid off from his coal mining job.

Cassidy: ...planned on living in coal country for the rest of our lives because he had a stable job in the coal industry, but now we are worried that we're going to have to move away from our families for him to be able to maintain a stable job. 

Barack Obama's war on coal is hurting our coal families.  We need to stop Barack Obama's war on coal because there are already too many regulations and too many people out of work.

I'm Cassidy, and I'm from a coal-mining family.

Announcer: [Do] you want to stop Obama's war on coal?  Vote Mitt Romney for President.

Citizens for a Working America PAC is responsible for the content of this ad.  Paid for by Citizens for a Working America Action xxxx.  Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

Notes: The "war on coal" theme was a frequent attack against Obama in parts of Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.