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William DeJean

"America is Bleeding" +
:60 ad run on WLTX in Columbia, SC starting Aug. 24, 2011, and on CNN and on FOX News in NH starting Aug. 29.  CNN reported the buy at "a little under $10,000."

[Somber Music] (No narration, just text on screen):

America is bleeding.

Washington is accumulating billions of dollars of new debt...

Spending more tax dollars on their same failed programs to solve this crisis...

As they add new debt to trillions of dollars that we owe now.

We are in danger of losing more than just a "credit rating"...

When the money runs out...

We could lose our nation.

[Drum beats] As America cries out for a leader...

One candidate's resume' stands out.

[Upbeat Music]
As a governor, he
Created the largest tax cut in state history
Tripled the state's rainy day fund
Preserved the state's AAA bond rating

Under his leadership, Utah was
Named "The Best Managed State" - Pew Center on the States, 2008
Listed as "One of the Best States for Business" - Forbes, 2010

As U.S. Ambassador to China
He opened Asian markets to American businesses, bringing jobs and capital back home.

No other presidential candidate has his resume' or experience.

John Huntsman 2012 
Paid for by William DeJean 773-981-5611

Notes: Recall that in Sept. 2010 DeJean, a Chicago dentist, ran an ad promoting Hillary Clinton.