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"Work Ethic" +
:30 ad from mid-Oct. 2012.

[Music] Connie (Green Bay): I'm Connie from Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Kim D. (Neenah): I voted for Barack Obama in '08.

Connie (Green Bay): I voted for Barack Obama...

Anita (Woodville): I voted for Obama...

Connie (Green Bay): I was wrong.

Kim D (Neenah): I didn't see any hope and change.

Woman (audio): He said he'd cut the deficit in half.

Kim D (Neenah): The massive unemployment—it doesn't have to be this way.

Connie (Green Bay): This time...

Kim D (Neenah): This year...

Connie (Green Bay): ...I've changed...

Woman (audio): ...to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan...

Woman (audio): ...because they are our children's future.

Connie (Green Bay): Paul Ryan embodies the work ethic of Wisconsin.

Woman (audio): They're going to turn this country around.

Female Annoucer: Ending Spending Action Fund is responsible for the content of this ad. 

Notes: Angling for the women vote.