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Faith & Freedom Coalition

:60 ad run in swing states, from Oct. 24, 2012.


Announcer: It’s an appalling attempt to reverse so much of what made America great.  Obama’s war on religion.

Barack Obama forced Christian charities to pay for health services that violate their faith.

He waffled on his support for Israel.

Obama claimed in a Muslim country that America is not a Christian nation.

Obama lobbied for same-sex marriage, removed the name of God from his platform, reinserting it as delegates booed.  

Said Congress had better things to do when it reaffirmed that, “In God We Trust.”

[Pause, then softly…]

Better things than honoring God? Like what?

Like Obamacare, runaway spending, redefining marriage and attacking religion. 

On November 6, we're stopping Barack Obama.

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