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"He'd Let America Fail" +
:30 ad announced Feb. 24, 2012 on cable in MI.

Elisa Gurulé: During the financial crisis I just couldn't find full-time work in Detroit.  Then President Obama's auto industry stimulus began to create thousands of jobs.  Now I work for Chrysler just like my granddad did for 42 years.

My hometown's on it's way back.  Mitt Romney said "let Detroit go bankrupt."  I'm grateful our country didn't listen.  We need a president who will stand by us all when times are tough.

Mitt Romney?  He'd let America fail.

Female Announcer: MoveOn.org Political Action is responsible for the content of this advertisement.

Notes: According to the press release:

MoveOn.org released a new 30-second TV ad today that will air in Michigan and targets Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his opposition to the auto industry stimulus package. The ad features a Chrysler factory worker and MoveOn member, Elisa Gurulé, who struggled to find a full time job prior to President Obama’s auto industry stimulus. The new MoveOn.org ad takes aim at Romney for turning his back on the American auto industry and Michiganders by stating in his 2008 New York Times Op-ed “Let Detroit go bankrupt.”

In the ad, Elisa Gurulé, who now works at Chrysler, just like her grandfather did for 42 years, says, “We need a President who’ll stand by us all when times are tough. Mitt Romney? He’d let America fail.”

The powerful TV ad will run on Michigan cable through primary day on Tuesday.

"Mr. 1% Mitt Romney was willing to turn his back on thousands of workers by advocating that America let Detroit go bankrupt,” said Justin Ruben, Executive Director of MoveOn.org. “Thankfully no one listened, and thousands of jobs are being created this year in the auto industry. Romney made his millions by breaking up companies and cutting thousands of jobs. Romney is the last guy America should turn to for advice when it comes to job creation.”