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"Romney y la purga" +
:60 ad run July 5-7, 2012 on Spanish language TV stations in Miami, Orlando and Tampa, FL.


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Notes: According to the announcement of this ad... 

On the heels of  U.S. Federal Judge Robert Hinkle’s refusal1 to stop Governor Rick Scott’s racist voter purge, MoveOn.org Political Action is releasing its first Spanish language TV ad in Florida calling out Mitt Romney’s failure to speak out against the purge. The 60-second ad points out how Gov. Scott’s purge disproportionately targets Latinos and also lays out how Romney could stand to benefit if Latinos are prohibited from voting.

The ad will air multiple times per day from Thursday July 5 to Saturday July 7 on Spanish language television stations in Miami, Orlando, and Tampa – the top three cities in Florida with the largest Latino population by percentage2. 

In the ad, two Latino voters from Florida say (translated from Spanish), “"With exclusion from the voting rolls by Governor Scott, Latinos will be the most affected.  And if the Latinos don’t vote, Mitt Romney wins. This exclusion is not only illegal, it’s also racist. Why doesn’t Mitt Romney disapprove?"

View the TV ad here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqhTcwyIHVk

The ad is part of an intensifying campaign by MoveOn to fight back against Republican voter suppression efforts in Florida and across the country. During the NALEO Conference in Orlando earlier this month, MoveOn flew a 99airlines banner over the area which read: ROMNEY: CONDENA LA PURGA DE VOTANTES LATINOS (“Romney: Condemn the Latino voter purge").

“Jim Crow 2.0 in Florida must end. We're not done fighting Governor Scott's racist voter purge. We will continue to work for our members, including the more than 14,000 Floridians who called on the Department of Justice to block this purge,” said MoveOn National Campaign Director Garlin Gilchrist II. “The Justice Department should use all possible tools at its disposal to guarantee that every eligible voter in Florida can cast a ballot -- without fear or discrimination -- this Election Day. And we will not stop until we beat back all ‘Racism for Romney’ voter suppression tactics across the country tactics that could benefit Republicans in November”.

1.     Federal judge refuses to stop Florida voter purge, CBS News, http://cbsn.ws/Oe4U7i
2.     Florida Growth Linked to Hispanic Population Increase, NALEO Educational Fund, http://prn.to/Nf9qQe