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"Tricky Mitt" +
:30 ad run July 18, 2012 in Toledo, Cincinnati, Dayton, and Cleveland, OH.

[Music] Female Announcer: We already know Mitt Romney was CEO of Bain Capital when it was outsourcing good American jobs. 

And we already know he stashed as much as $8 million in tax shelters on the Cayman Islands. 

So what is it Mitt Romney doesn't want us to know?

Maybe it's in the tax returns he refuses to share.  Or the felony he might have committed when making false statements about his role at Bain.

We understand, Mitt.  Sometimes the truth is...tricky.

Tricky Mitt.  He's not a crook, right?

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Notes: The press release on this ad... 

New MoveOn ‘Tricky Mitt’ TV Ad Hits Romney in Key Swing Markets Across Ohio; Asks What He Could Be Hiding
In the midst of MoveOn’s weeklong actions at Romney events, 30-second TV ad features image of Romney morphing into Nixon, amps up pressure to release tax returns, asking voters: ‘He’s not a crook, right?’
You can watch the “Tricky Mitt” TV ad here: http://front.moveon.org/breaking-new-tv-ad-asks-mitt-romneys-not-a-crook-right/
Today, MoveOn.org Political Action released a new 30-second TV ad entitled “Tricky Mitt” in markets across Ohio. The ad features an image of Mitt Romney morphing into Richard Nixon and ratchets up pressure on the presumed Republican nominee to stop hiding his tax returns.

In the wake of explosive news that Romney may have filed false disclosure reports about his role at Bain Capital, the ad highlights for voters what we already know about Romney’s 1% financial priorities -- personal gain at the expense of laid off American workers while at Bain and money stashed in offshore accounts. The TV ad culminates with a picture of Romney morphing into a picture of former President Nixon -- alluding to questions about the legality of Romney’s disclosure reports with the question: “He’s not a crook, right?”
You can view the 30-second TV ad here: http://front.moveon.org/breaking-new-tv-ad-asks-mitt-romneys-not-a-crook-right/
As Romney campaigns in Ohio today, the ad will run multiple times in Toledo, Cincinnati, Dayton, and Cleveland. It is focused on driving home for voters the stark choice before them this election. In 2008, Obama beat McCain by a margin of 5 percent in Toledo and Cincinnati, making both cities an important focus within the swing state.
MoveOn members have demonstrated at Romney events across the country to highlight for voters that the presumed Republican nominee’s economic policies would inflict financial disaster upon the middle class and that the candidate is actually running as a President for only the 1%. The cities in Ohio where MoveOn’s ads will run have experienced high levels of unemployment, which MoveOn asserts a Romney presidency could make worse.
“From American layoffs because of Bain to Swiss bank accounts and Caribbean shell corporations, Mitt Romney has already shown us what he thinks of keeping jobs and money in America -- he’ll ship them away if he can gain from it,” said Justin Ruben, Executive Director of MoveOn.org Political Action. “American voters don’t need more smoke and mirrors, they deserve to know the man behind the mask. It’s time for Romney to release his taxes and stop pretending he's running for anything other than President of the 1%.” 
This week, MoveOn members have been showing up in every state Romney visits with signs and banners urging “Tricky Mitt” to release his returns going back to 1999. In Pittsburg and Toledo, MoveOn’s 99airlines is flying banners over Romney’s events reading, “Tricky Mitt: Release Your Returns” and “Tricky Mitt: What Are You Hiding?” The group also launched a Twitter hashtag, #ReleaseTheReturns, which thousands of people have used to call out Romney.  Together with Democracy For America and DailyKos, MoveOn has collected hundreds of thousands of signatures on petitions calling on Romney to release the returns – the coalition of groups will deliver the signatures to Romney’s campaign headquarters in Boston on Friday.