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New American Energy Opportunity Foundation

Ohio Ad 1
:60 ad from Oct. 31, 2012.


Female Announcer: It's a tale of two Ohio futures. 

One of unbridled energy opportunity, jobs, and wealth creation or [music] or restrictions, roadblocks and wealth destruction.

Will Ohioans get to choose Ohio's future, or bureaucrats in Washington, DC?  We've been down this road before.

Ohio's coal industry was decimated by Obama's EPA.  Soon they'll be going after Ohio's booming natural gas business.  We're sitting on 150 years of reserves, right under our feet.  That's jobs for us, our children and their children.  Steel jobs and railroad jobs too.

But if Obama gets four more years, we face lawsuits, restrictions, obstruction and delay, which will kill Ohio jobs and destroy Ohio wealth, and all in the name of protecting us from ourselves.

It's time to choose a new path.  It's your energy.  It's your future.  Say yes to Ohio energy.  Say yes to American energy. 

Paid for by New American Energy Opportunity Foundation; not authorized by any candidate.

Ohio Ad 2
:60 ad from Oct. 31, 2012.

[Children SFX] Female Announcer: Ohio's children.  What will their future look like and what are we teaching them?

Personal responsibility and individual initiative or government dependence and debt?

[Music] A future of limited options and scarcity or a future filled with opportunity and jobs.  It's our choice, Ohioans.

The energy we need is right under our feet.  Energy that can rebuild our state and our country. 

Only Barack Obama and his friends at the EPA stand in our way.  Time after time they restrict Ohio's ablity to run our own affairs and unleash our energy independence.

That's why we must vote for pro-energy leaders who will let us produce our own energy and the jobs we need for us and for our children.

Say no to Obama.  Say no to more energy restrictions.  Say yes [children SFX] to more energy opportunity, to pro-energy leaders and to Ohio's future.

Join us at EnergyIsOpportunity.com.

Paid for by the New American Energy Opportunity Foundation.

National Ad
:60 ad from Oct. 31, 2012.

[Music] Male Announcer: What country has the most energy resources in the world?  Saudi Arabia?  [Buzzer SFX]  Iran?  [Buzzer SFX]

America.  America has the richest oil and natural gas resources in the world.  But President Obama puts drastic restrictions on our oil and natural gas development. 

When gas prices went from 1.89 to 3.80 what did he do?  He blocked the Keystone Pipeline.  He cut leases on federal lands by 50-percent.  We lost millions of jobs.  Energy prices soared.

The energy we need is right under our feet.  It's our energy.  It's our opportunity.  Liberals hate American energy and restrict it again and again.

No more.  We must elect pro-energy leaders.  Energy is the opportunity.  Now is the time.  America says now. 

Go to EnergyIsOpportunity.com.  It's time for America to be number one in energy.  No more restrictions.  America says now.  Say it with us at EnergyIsOpportunity.com.


The New American Energy Opportunity Foundation is dedicated to empowering citizens and lawmakers to make the changes needed for the United States to reach its full energy production potential, creating more jobs, lower prices, and greater national security.

Chairman – Scott Noble
Scott Noble serves as the Chairman of the New American Energy Opportunity Foundation.  He is the founder of Noble Royalties, Inc., America’s largest privately-held oil and gas royalties firm. He has more than 25 years of experience in the oil and gas industry.

President – Martin Fleming
Martin Fleming serves the President of the New American Energy Opportunity Foundation. He is also an executive with Noble Royalties, Inc. Prior to joining Noble, Martin served as the chief executive for the Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association based in Austin, Texas.