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No Compromise PAC

5 radio ads +
:60 ads run on AM 1040 WHO, Jan. 2-3, 2011.


"Tender Heart, Cast Iron Backbone"
[Music] Male Announcer: Michele Bachmann.  The establishment folks sure don't like her much.  Even the networks have tried to shut her out.  Remember when they accidentally sent her campaign a copy of their conspiracy to keep her out of the questioning.  Well as far as I'm concerned that's just fine.  Let the rest of the candidates cosy up to the establishment folks and gain favor.  Meanwhile, Michele Bachmann just keeps quietly gaining ground by working hard and meeting people all across the state of Iowa.

She's a complicated lady.  I remember her serving water to all of her opponents at the Iowa debates and being so tender with that little boy who was forced by his lesbian mother to make a loaded statement.  But I also remember Michele Bachmann taking on Romneycare and Newt's call for amnesty and Ron Paul's dangerous foreign policy.

Tender heart, cast iron backbone.  That's why Michele Bachmann will be my choice January 3rd.

Paid for by No Compromise PAC and not approved by any candidate or candidate's committee.

"Scary, Isn't It?"
[Music] Male Announcer: Well it seems Mr. Obama and the RINOs are back to business as usual.  You know trillion dollar debt ceiling raises and throwing another bunch of good ole boys at us for president.  In most years we'd settle for one of these flip floppers but not this year.  Here in Iowa we've decided to send a message.  Mr. Obama, we're not going to give you one of the good ole boys with all the flip-flops you can use to attack him.  No, this year we're going to give you a candidate with the heart of a patriot who believes the Constitution is the law of the land, who will protect the borders, preserve national defense, tell Iran no nukes, and start dismantling the biggest threat to our freedom, an out of control federal bureaucracy.  On January 3rd, we're going to send you a real pro-life candidate, a real fiscal conservative.  This year, we're sending you a real patriot.  Michele Bachmann.  Scary, isn't it?

Paid for by No Compromise PAC and not approved by any candidate or candidate's committee.

"Naughty and Nice"
Male Announcer: Well it's that season again.  This is the time when we really decide who's been naughty and nice, and we call it the Iowa caucuses.  This year President Obama and the Dems are in trouble, so for the first time in a long time we don't have to settle for someone the establishment wants us to vote for.  You know, one of the good ole boys.  So this year, when you head out to your caucus location you need to remember that most of the good old boys have been a part of the establishment forever, and they got there by compromising on just about everything.  But there's one candidate whose vote can't be bought, who the establishment hates, who even one television network conspired against.  That candidate is Michele Bachmann.  Consistently conservative, absolutely pro-life, Christian candidate with a mother's heart and a titanium backbone.  What more could you ask for?  This year we say no compromise.  This year, it's Michele Bachmann for President.

Paid for by No Compromise PAC and not approved by any candidate or candidate's committee.

"Giving The Government Back To We The People"
[Music: Amazing Grace] Male Announcer: Seems like every election we end up with some RINO wannabe running for president.  They have just the right hair, the establishment loves them, and we hold our nose and vote.  Well not this year.  The Democrats are on the ropes.  We have a chance to actually vote for someone we can believe in, someone who as a Christian will not compromise, won't raise the debt ceiling, will absolutely secure the border and end the reign of terror down there with the drug cartels and the terrorists working with them, will drive a stake through the heart of Obamacare, end federal lawsuits against states for enforcing immigration law, stand 100-percent for pro-life and return America to us, to all of us, to we the people and to the states.  If we don't take our government back now, we may never have another chance.  This year, we need a no compromise candidate.  We need Michele Bachmann for President.

Paid for by No Compromise PAC and not approved by any candidate or candidate's committee.

"Abandoning Iraq and Afghanistan"
[Music] Male Announcer: The current administration is willing to abandon the hard work and take all the blood we've spilled in Iraq and Afghanistan and throw it away to please his party's left wing.  Shameless.  We need a candidate we can trust on national defense, who will stand by Israel, stop Iran from getting nukes, defend our borders...

Notes: A folksy addition to the last minute clutter of ads.