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National Popular Vote Initiative

"Marbles" +
:30 ad run in Iowa, announced Oct. 13 2011.
 produced by Ainsley Shea.

[Music] Male Announcer: Rick Perry was born to be a politician.  [Yes]  You could tell from the first time he lost at marbles.

    "Young Perry": Wait, we need to change these results.

    "Teacher": Excellent work, Mary.

Male Announcer: As he grew up, he couldn't be bothered to learn the U.S. Constitution.

    Young Perry: While I respect your view, Mr. Cameron, this grade should be referred to a group of unelected elites.

[Musical slide] Male Announcer: Now Rick Perry wants to change the 17th Amendment and he opposes the National Popular Vote plan.  Tell Rick Perry that people matter more than politicians.  Support the National Popular Vote Initiative.

Notes: Press release.