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Our Destiny PAC

"Someone" +
:60 ad run to run in NH starting Nov. 15, 2011.

[Music] Man 1: The President's failed.  The economy's worse.

Man 2: The stock market's a wreck.  Are we the next Greece?

Man 1: Our government's flabby, bloated and weak.

Woman: Health care reform?  Toss it.

Man 2: Got a job.  Sure you'll have it next week?

Man 1: The world is literally collapsing, and no one has shown up we can trust as a conservative.

Woman: Who actually has a chance to win.

Man 2: Not some phony who tells me one thing and you another.

Woman: Where's that guy?

"Consistently Conservative" - The Boston Globe, 11/9/11
Two Term Successful Governor
Three Time Ambassador
#1 in Job Creation Nationally - Bureau of Labor Statistics
Slashed & Flattened Taxes - Largest tax cut in Utah history
Best Plan to Fix Economy - The Wall Street Journal 6/2/11
Stood Strong for Dissidents in China
Successful Businessman

Woman: Jon Huntsman.  Our Destiny PAC is responsible for the content of this advertising.

Man 1: Why haven't we heard of this guy?