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"The Challenge" +
1:00 ad run Nov. 30, 2011 on KCAU in Sioux City, Iowa. 

[Music] Palin: We will not solve our economic problems in this country until we confront the crony capitalism of our permanent political class.  This is socialism for the very rich and the very poor but it is a brutal form of capitalism for the rest of us.  It's the collusion of big government, big business.  It's at the heart of President Obama's economic vision ... We need sudden and relentless reform and that will return power to 'We the People' ... We need people with a proven record of reform ... I served in public office in a state that had a corruption problem ... I fought that corrupt system ... I took on a corrupt and compromised political class.  The challenge is not simply to replace Obama in 2012.  The real challenge is who and what we will replace him with.

Chants: Run, Sarah, Run.

Notes: Nov. 25, 2011 blog posting on Conservatives4Palin:

Your contributions have made it possible for us to run the Palin reconsider television ad next week in the Sioux City, Iowa market. Thanks to everyone who chipped in to make it possible.

You’ll be able to see the ad that will be shown on televisions on KCAU-TV across the Sioux City, Iowa market on this blog and on youtube when it goes up next week. If you have any ideas on how to get this story more attention, let us know and feel free to push it yourself to people who may be interested. The target date for this ad going up is now November 29th as the Thanksgiving holidays pushed our initial target date of November 28th back. At the very latest, we expect to get it up on the Sioux City market on the 30th.

What we do next after the television ad goes up is a more difficult question. If this ad is able to build some momentum for the Governor, the best way to keep that momentum going may be to commission a national GOP primary poll that includes the Governor as one of the options. We’ll see if it’s possible given our resources. We’re open to other ideas but the greatest challenge may be that time is running short for her to reconsider.

Nov. 29 blog posting has details of the buy:

$6500 ad buy on KCAU-TV.

Reach: 71,000 adults 35+

Appearing during commercials for GMA, Dr. Oz, 5 PM, 6 PM, and 10 PM news programming