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"Imagine" +
:60 ad run July 27-Aug. 2, 2012, CO, FL, IA, NV, NH, NC, OH, PA and VA.


[Music] Female Announcer: Imagine you were Barack Obama.  What would you do now?  

You spent a trillion taxpayer dollars on the stimulus.  It failed.

The jobless rate went up and has been stuck above 8 percent for 41 straight months.

You increased spending so wildly that you've added more debt than the first 41 presidents -- combined.  

Americans believe your policies have made the economy worse, and your opponent, Mitt Romney, created thousands of jobs - even earning praise from Bill Clinton for his -- quote -- sterling business career.

So what would you do now if you were Barack Obama?

You would attack Mitt Romney with ads denounced by the news media and even Democrats as -- quote -- misleading, unfair and untrue.  Ads that are -- quote -- blowing smoke, go too far, and are supported by no evidence.  False, desperate attacks.

With no record to run on, it's the only strategy Obama has left.

Paid for by Restore Our Future, which is responsible for the content of this message.  Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.  RestoreOurFuture.com

Notes: From the press release...

Restore Our Future today released a new radio ad, challenging President Obama on his job performance when it comes to the economy, unemployment and government spending. The $1 million radio ad campaign will air statewide in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

"Americans have put up with a lot in the last three and a half years - a failed stimulus, unprecedented government spending, sustained high unemployment, and the absence of a vision to turn this country and our economy around - and they are ready to see a change," said Charlie Spies, Treasurer of Restore Our Future.  "Mitt Romney has a proven record, experienced leadership and a clear vision of how we, as Americans, can rebuild our economy to become the envy of the world once again."