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"Disappearing" +
:30 ad run from Sept. 19, 2012 run in MI and WI.

[Music] Female Announcer: Millions of Americans are disappearing from the workforce because they can't find jobs.  The overall unemployment rate doesn't even count them anymore.  Eight million Americans have dropped out of the workforce since Obama became president.  Counting people who dropped out or can't find full-time jobs, the real unemployment rate is nearly 19 percent.

Scott Pelley: "This is the worst economic recovery America has ever had..."

Female Announcer: Looking forward to a second Obama term?

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Notes: From the Sept. 19 press release...

Restore Our Future Highlights Real Unemployment Rate in New Ad

$2.2 million ad campaign launches in Michigan and Wisconsin

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Restore Our Future today launched a $2.2 million ad campaign in Michigan and Wisconsin that highlights the nation's real unemployment rate, which sits at nearly 19 percent and counts both those individuals who can't find full-time work and those who have been forced to drop out of the workforce.

"Barack Obama's economic policies have pushed America backwards and forced 8 million Americans to leave the workforce on his watch," said Charlie Spies, Treasurer of Restore Our Future.  "Especially in states like Michigan and Wisconsin that have borne the brunt of Obama's failed economic policies, voters are looking to change the country's leadership and Mitt Romney's message of fiscal discipline and his background as a job creator is something that truly resonates with taxpayers and American workers."

Beginning on September 19, Restore Our Future will run a one week, $1.2 million ad campaign in Michigan and a one week, $1 million campaign in Wisconsin.