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"Genuinely Cares" +
:30 ad run from Oct. 23, 2012 run in CO, FL, IA, MI, NV, NH, NC, OH, VA and WI.

[Music] Sgt. Peter Damon (Ret.): I volunteered to go to Iraq in 2003.  

I was involved in a horrible accident, which left me a double amputee.

I first met Governor Romney during my recovery at Walter Reed.  He took a personal interest in one soldier's story and he wanted to know how he could help.

Female Announcer: Romney worked with a charity to build special homes for severely injured veterans.

Damon: The Mitt Romney I know cares deeply about people who are struggling.

Mitt Romney helped make a huge difference in my life.

Female Announcer: Restore Our Future is responsible for the content of this message.

Notes: From the Oct. 23 press release...

Restore Our Future Launches $17.7 Million Ad Campaign in Battleground States

NEW AD:  Iraq veteran explains how Romney made a difference in his life

NEW AD:  Spot highlights Obama's failed economic policies and asks voters to demand better

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Restore Our Future today launched a $17.7 million ad campaign in 10 battleground states:  Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, and Wisconsin.  

"This presidential election will be determined by those Americans who are demanding better than a high unemployment rate, a crushing national debt, and falling incomes," said Charlie Spies, Treasurer of Restore Our Future.  "Where President Obama will maintain the status quo, voters believe that Romney's compassion, proven leadership and unquestionable experience can not only lead our nation out of today's recession but ensure the American Dream is around for our children and grandchildren."

Two new ads, which begin on October 23 and will run through October 29, will be rotated throughout all 10 states.  "Genuinely Cares" features Sgt. Peter Damon's (Ret.) account of Mitt Romney's compassion after he was involved in a horrible accident in Iraq that left him a double amputee.  The second ad, "Better," explains the new normal under Obama's economic policy isn't inevitable and that voters can demand better. 

State-by-State Breakdown of Restore Our Future Ad Buy

Colorado:  $1.2 million
Florida:  $4.0 million

Iowa:  $1.2 million

Michigan:  $1.6 million

Nevada:  $1.6 million

New Hampshire:  $0.5 million

North Carolina:  $1.8 million

Ohio:  $3.0 million

Virginia:  $2.9 million

Wisconsin:  $1.3 million