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"The Compassion of Dr. Ron Paul" +
:60 ad seen in NH starting Jan. 6, 2012.

James Williams of Matagordo County, Texas: It was between 1972 and '73, but there was still a lot of prejudice around this area. 

My wife was sick and...  Nobody came to check. 

Well I believe I was left there because of the difference, me being black and her being white...  And I didn't know anything to do.

Well then Ron Paul come to my rescue.  He just stepped in and...ten minutes later she had a still born boy child.

I never got a bill from the hospital or anything, and he was a doctor of medicine and... he was doing it because he think of one human being just as much as another. 

He's just an honest man, and that's something we need now in this day and time. 

And they will try to do anything to blot him out because he will be honest, and they need more like him.

The Revolution PAC is responsible for this communication.

Notes: This is a condensed version of a 2:13 video the PAC uploaded on Dec. 28.