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"Renie" +
:30 ad from Oct. 3, 2012 run on broadcast and cable television in So. FL (Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach County markets), OH (Cleveland), NV (Las Vegas), and PA (Philadelphia).

[Music] Renie Tell: In the last election, I voted for Barack Obama.  I guess fell for hope and change like everybody else.

The hope is gone and the change didn't happen, and I think what changed has changed for the worse.

I don't think Barack Obama is a friend of Israel at all.

The economy is in a horrible situation.  The kids are graduating college without jobs.  You see so many houses in foreclosure.  The debt is out of control.

I think we can do better than Barack Obama.

Female Announcer: The Republican Jewish Coalition is responsible for this advertisement.  Join us.

Notes: Tell is identified as "Democrat-Voted for Obama.  This is the second in the series; according to the press release, "In the new ad, Renie Tell, a life-long Democrat from New York, relates her personal story of Obama buyer's remorse."