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Bernie Marcus TV ad +
:60 ad from Oct. 5, 2012 run in FL, OH, NV and PA.

[Music] Bernie Marcus, Founder of Home Depot: Home Depot today is 330,000 people.

I've created jobs in America; I ran a business.  I see what's going on today and I'm frightened to death.

You remember Home Depot started, there were no big stores.

If the environment were the same, same kind of business environment, we couldn't get past six stores.

What does that mean?  That means that these kids that are coming out of college are not getting jobs because companies are not hiring.

We have somebody in office that doesn't understand the economy.  He's surrounded with college professors, economics professors.  The lowest percentage of business people in any administration.  They just don't have a clue on how to turn the economy around. 

We have a government today that doesn't care about spending money--your money, which you and your children are going to have to pay for, forever.

There's no question in my mind.  We can do much better than Barack Obama.

Female Announcer: The Republican Jewish Coalition is responsible for this advertisement.  Join us.