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"Vote to Secure America"
:60 ad run starting end of Oct. 2012.


[Music] Male Announcer (hoity toity British accent): Ah, it's a fairy tale place of rainbows and unicorns, this world of Obama foreign policy, where the President whispers to Russian strongmen he'll have more flexibility after the election, where Obama ends the war on terror by not calling it a war on terror any more...

[SFX, stop music]

[Music] Female Announcer: Sorry to burst his bubble, but the world's still dangerous.

Killing bin Laden didn't end terrorism, and President Obama's weakness isn't making us safer.

In Libya Obama's weakness turned deadly.  Pleas for American military support might have saved American lives but went unanswered for seven hours.  Was Obama afraid of offending Libyans with a show of American force?  Obama says quote, "The elections have nothing to do with the four brave Americans getting killed."  He's wrong. 

This election vote to secure our nation.  Vote to replace weakness.  Vote to replace Barack Obama.

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