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Winning Our Future PAC

"Blood Money" +
:30 TV ad run starting Jan. 27, 2012 in FL.

[Music] Male Announcer: The crime?  Medicare fraud. 

The victims?  American taxpayers.

The boss?  Mitt Romney.

Romney supervised a company guilty of massive Medicare fraud.

That's a fact.

$25 million in unnecessary blood tests right under Romney's nose. 

Romney pockets a half a million dollars.

Cost to taxpayers?  40 million.

Get the facts at MittsBloodMoney.com.

Winning Our Future is responsible for the content of this ad.

Notes: Winning Our Future descriptive blurb on this ad:

Debating in Tampa, Florida in late-January, while falsely characterizing Newt Gingrich’s income from his government consulting work, Mitt Romney denied that Bain did “any work with the government like Medicaid and Medicare”. Now we learn that Bain, under Romney’s “supervision”, purchased and ran the Damon Corporation, who pled guilty to Federal conspiracy charges as a result of tens of millions of dollars in systemic Medicare fraud committed under Romney’s and Bain’s control. Damon was fined over $119-million which was, at the time, the largest criminal healthcare fine in Massachusetts history and Mr. Romney’s participation was characterized in 1996 by Corporate Crime Reporter thusly: “As manager and board member of Damon Corp, Mitt Romney sits at the center of one of the top 15 corporate crimes of the 1990’s.” Watch the substantiated mini-documentary, BLOOD MONEY: MITT ROMNEY’S MEDICARE SCANDAL, to learn the truth about Mitt Romney.