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Winning Our Future PAC

"Next" +
:60 TV ad from end of Feb. 2012 in GA, OH.

Male News Announcer/Pundit: After five years of running for president, Mitt Romney has been cued up to be the GOP establishment's next guy in line.

However, conservatives are fed up with the establishment picking our candidate for us.

We want a candidate that holds to America's values and the Constitution, [clock ticking SFX] especially with the danger of four more years of Obama threatening its very foundation.

Obama: We can't wait for Congress to do its job.  If they won't act, I will.

Male News Announcer/Pundit: With the nation at risk, we need a true conservative leader who acts on principle.

[Wind blows away ticket, Music starts]

Male voice: As America rises up and speaks, Romney's plans go out the window.

Winning Our Future is responsible for the content of this message.

Notes: Interesting but not sure how effective it is.