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"Time to Choose-Molly"
:60 ad run in national buy starting late Feb. 2012 in the lead up to Super Tuesday.


[Music] Male Announcer: Okay, callers let's go to Molly on line two.  Molly, who's your favorite candidate?

Molly: Well you know, I've really been struggling with this.  Mitt's a successful business guy and all, but he's just not one of us.  And Rick?  He's never led anything.  And he lost his Senate seat to what's his name.

Male Announcer: To Bob Casey by 18 points.

Molly: Right.

Then I kept thinking: Newt versus Obama in the debate.  That's how we win.  Issue versus issue.  Our smartest guy against theirs.  Newt would whip Obama.

Male Announcer: So you're Newt gal?

Molly: I know Newt, and I know he'll fight to make our country great again.  That's what matters to me and my family.

Male Announcer: Maybe you should host this show.

Molly: [Laughs] You've got to ask my agent [crying baby].

Male Announcer: There you have it from Molly and child: Newt whips Obama.

To help make it happen, go to TimetoChoose.com.  That's TimetoChoose.com

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also a :30 version