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Winning Our Future PAC

"It's Time to Choose Newt" +
:60 TV ad from end of Feb. 2012 in GA, OH, OK, TN; KS, AL, MS.

[Music] Man 1: Mitt Romney (sighs)...

Woman 1: I looked at Mitt Romney's record; I can't figure out what he stands for...it changes.

Woman 2: I just don't relate to Romney.

Man 2: I really don't know if I can trust him.

Male Voice: He doesn't have the strength [bell SFX] to stand up against Obama.

[Crowd, cheers SFX] Male Voice: Newt Gingrich can beat Obama.

Woman 3, seated w/ Man: Not everyone in Washington likes Newt...

Woman 2: But maybe that's a good thing.  [whip crack SFX] He got things done.

Man 1: I thought, this is my kind of guy.  I want somebody that will fight for our beliefs.  Newt's that guy.

Female Voice: Newt's smart.  We need smart.

Woman 4, on street: This is a really serious time.

Man 3: It's been tough.

Woman 1: Newt is the only one who understands what we're going through today...  We're looking at 5- or 6-dollar gas.  Romney's not the type to pump his own gas.

Male Voice: Newt's got a plan for American-made energy.

Female Voice: More American jobs.

Male Voice: Get the government out of the way.

Male Voice: Newt's for paychecks, not food stamps.

Man 4: Newt's my man; there's no doubt about it.

Man 2: He's a great visionary...just really put Obama to shame.

[Bell SFX] Female Voice: It's time to choose. 

Woman 3, and Man: It's time to choose.

Man 1: It's time to choose.

Man 2: It's time to choose.

[Bell SFX] Male Announcer: Winning Our Future is responsible for the content of this message.

There was also a 30-second version.

Notes: This ad uses the chorus of voices approach.