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Women Speak Out PAC

"The Nurse, The Extremist, The Survivor" +
:60 ad run from Oct. 10, 2012 run in VA.

[Bell SFX] [Music] Male Announcer: In 1999, an Illinois nurse witnessed children born alive during abortion procedures.

Jill Stanek (voiceover): My name is Jill Stanek and I'm a registered nurse who witnessed babies being delivered alive and left out to die.  To be clear, these were living babies who were left out to die.

Male Announcer: But as an Illinois state senator, Barack Obama voted four times to deny equal treatment for those babies born alive during an abortion.


Obama: "...but I think it's important to understand that this issue ultimately is about abortion, and not live births."

Male Announcer: Only an extremist could ignore the humanity of a newborn infant fighting for its life.

Melissa Ohden: I was aborted and my body discarded like I didn't exist.  But a nurse heard me crying and cared enough to save my life.

Male Announcer: Barack Obama, wrong on abortion and wrong for America.

Female Announcer: Women Speak Out PAC is responsible for the content of this advertising.

Notes: The press release...

RICHMOND, VA. -- On October 10th, the Women Speak Out PAC, the super PAC of the national pro-life Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List), will announce a $150,000 ad buy in Virginia and unveil a new television ad at a press conference in the state capitol in Richmond. The ad, which exposes President Obama's opposition to legislation providing equal treatment to babies born alive after a failed abortion, will be played at the press conference. SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser will be joined by State Delegate Brenda Pogge as well as abortion survivor Melissa Ohden and nurse and whistleblower Jill Stanek, both featured in the new TV spot.

WHO: Marjorie Dannenfelser, President, Susan B. Anthony List
Jill Stanek, Fmr. Registered Nurse & Pro-life Activist
Melissa Ohden, Abortion Survivor & Pro-life Activist
Brenda Pogge, State Delegate, Virginia's 96th District
Linda Wall, CWA, Legislative Action Committee, Tidewater VA

WHERE / WHEN: 10:30 AM -- House Briefing Room, Virginia General Assembly Building
Intersection of Broad & 9th Streets, Richmond, VA

This week the Women Speak Out PAC ran spots entitled "How will you answer?" and "Abortion Radical" in concentrated media markets in Virginia, as part of a more than $875,000 television ad campaign in swing states. The ad revealed at tomorrow's press conference will be incorporated into the campaign. Previously, the Susan B. Anthony List's "Women Speak Out: Abortion is Not Health Care" bus tour travelled through Harrisonburg, Lynchburg, and Roanoke educating voters on President Obama's abortion record and urging voters to defeat him at the ballot box in November.

Recently released polling data from the SBA List shows that President Obama loses support from likely swing voters once they are educated on his extreme abortion record. A majority of swing voters (54%) are less likely to vote for President Obama after learning that he voted against a law to give equal treatment to babies born alive after a failed abortion (35% much less likely). Key voter groups were also negatively impacted including independents (46%) and pro-choicers (43%).

The Susan B. Anthony List, and its affiliated Political Action Committees, the SBA List Candidate Fund and Women Speak Out PAC, are dedicated to pursuing policies and electing candidates that will reduce and ultimately end abortion. To that end, the SBA List will emphasize the education, promotion, mobilization, and election of pro-life women. The SBA List is a network of more than 365,000 pro-life Americans nationwide.