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Contact:  Brittany Gross
July 5, 2011

Restore Our Future Announces Second Quarter Fundraising Figures

Romney supporters report $12 million cash on hand

WASHINGTON, DC - Restore Our Future today reported it raised $12 million in the first six months of the year and ended the reporting period with $12 million cash on hand.

"There is tremendous support across the country for Mitt Romney," said Charlie Spies, treasurer for Restore Our Future.  "
President Obama has taken our nation down the wrong road with out-of-control government spending that has produced no real results.  Voters are fed up.  Americans are coming out in support of Gov. Romney because they are confident he has the experience to turn our economy around."

Restore Our Future is a FEC registered "Super PAC" and will file its report, as required, by July 31, 2011.  All donors and expenditures through June 30 will be disclosed at that time.

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Contact:  Brittany Gross
June 23, 2011

Romney Supporters Announce Super PAC

Restore Our Future to support Romney in his effort to become America's next president

WASHINGTON, DC - Supporters of Governor Mitt Romney today announced the formation of Restore Our Future - a Super PAC which will independently advocate on behalf of Romney and his mission of economic recovery and job creation throughout the 2012 election.  Restore Our Future's board is comprised of Carl Forti of the Black Rock Group, Charlie Spies of Clark Hill, PLC, and Larry McCarthy of McCarthy Hennings Media, Inc.

"Our nation is burdened by a struggling economy; our job creators who are tied up with red tape, and a growing federal government is stifling the private sector," said Charlie Spies.  "President Obama has failed to fix the problems that affect Americans.  Restore Our Future will support a candidate who has worked in the private sector, who has created jobs, who understands the economy, and who believes America can succeed by the power of the American workforce.  Restore Our Future will support our next president, Mitt Romney."

Restore Our Future was created by the board members in October 2010.  During the 2008 election cycle, Carl Forti served as Romney's National Political Director, Charlie Spies acted as the campaign's CFO and Counsel, and Larry McCarthy was a member of Romney's media team.

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