Romney Campaign Phone Bank  >
Las Vegas, Feb. 3, 2012--The Romney campaign had been doing phone banking out of their headquarters on West Oquendo Road, but in the closing days of the campaign too many people showed up and they moved the effort to a space made available by Brady Industries on Lindell Road.  About a hundred people were making calls here on the afternoon before the caucuses.  Among them were a group of ten supporters of State Sen. Mark Wyland (CA-38/No. San Diego County/So. Orange County) wearing green Team Wyland tee-shirts. 

Whenever a caller reached a person who said they would caucus for Romney a bell was rung.  Callers appeared well on their way to reaching the goal of 20,000 calls. 

After arriving at Brady Industries phone bankers went in the door to the side of the customer entrance and up a flight of stairs.

The sign inside the entrance of the Romney headquarters building at 6830 West Oquendo Road.