Obama for America By the Numbers

> $1.1 billion raised; 98% from small donors

> 4,454,270 donors made a total of 15,133,184 donations

More than $690 million raised online from all sources, including $500 million via email, social media and mobile

> $400 million raised by National Finance Committee

> More than 1.5 million people enrolled and $115 million raised via Quick Donate in less than 11 months

> More than 7 million targeted Facebook shares, reaching more than 5 million unique individuals (shares included: targeted persuasion content, voter registration tools, early vote information, and polling place lookup)

> 133 million video views 

> Facebook growth from 19 million to more than 45 million likes across all campaign properties

> Twitter growth from 7 million to 23.3 million followers

> The most liked and most shared Facebook post ever, and most RT'ed tweet ever

> Biggest reddit event ever

> Nearly 3 million registrations by the campaign in 2012, including more than 1.1 million voters registered via gottaregister.com, 50% more than registered online in 2008 (Dec. 19 email)  1,793,881 voters registered (Dec. 28 email)

> 300,000 total events organized on barackobama.com by more than 150,000 active volunteers

> Headquarters at its peak had 650 paid staff members

> 813 field offices and 10,000 neighborhood teams

> Every field office had at least one paid staff member

> Over 150 million calls made and doors knocked on

> More than 1 million calls made on Election Day alone

Numbers provided to Democracy in Action by Obama for America, and from Obama for America Dec. 28, 2012 email "A loook back at what you built in 2012" (Jim Messina).

The most liked and most shared Facebook post ever, and most RT'ed tweet ever were his victory post "Four more years" and the photo of him hugging Michelle.

The reddit event was an unannounced "Ask Me Anything" on Aug. 29, 2012 that had 200,000 visitors on the site at any time.