August 29, 2011 EMAIL from Rachel Gregory, an Iowa field organizer for Obama for America

We are the campaign to re-elect President Obama. As a grassroots  organization whose motto is “Respect, Empower, Include, Win,” Obama for America deeply values the empowerment of staff and volunteers  through skill building, training, and fellowship opportunities. We  know that our power lies in the people behind this movement, and investments in them pay great dividends at every level of our organization.  Fall Fellows are part of building people power in our communities and campuses across the nation.

The Fall Fellowship program is designed to test, train, and develop the next generation of community organizers, and to help the campaign expand our outreach efforts in communities across the country.  Organizing is inspiring, complex, moving, and difficult work. Fall Fellows who complete the program will leave with a full understanding of the tools, tactics, and language that organizers use to make change in their communities.

Fall Fellows will focus on building teams of volunteers and coordinating outreach activities for potential volunteers in communities and on campuses. Some Fall Fellows will be working for the Obama Campaign directly while others will work for Organizing for America. Fall Fellows attending school may build teams of students on their campuses.
The Fall Fellowship is a 12 week Organizing Program.  Fall Fellows will be members of the organizing team, helping to build neighborhood or campus teams of volunteers. They will: 

-      Engage new potential volunteers through phone calls and canvassing.

-      Hold 1:1 meetings with potential volunteers/campus organizers to discuss shared goals and strategy, develop relationships, and plan action together.

-       Empower new voters by collecting voter registration forms at community events.
-       Enter, organize, and maintain the data from all of our interactions in communities.
-       Use social networks to help amplify our message and to talk about the work that we do. 

-       Hold House Meetings to bring supporters together in communities and on college campuses to strategize about what the campaign should look like in their neighborhoods.

-       Recruit, coach, and developing local and campus teams of individuals who are willing to work together to hold outreach events to other potential volunteers and voters.

-       Plan and execute events with other campaign staff, fall fellows, and volunteers within the community or on campus.

Candidates for the Fall Fellows program must be:

-          Enthusiastic about helping to re-elect President Obama and other Democrats up and down the ticket 

-          Willing to volunteer long and irregular hours at times, potentially including weekends (these will be pre-determined by you and the staffer with whom you work) 

-          Interested in people-centered, metrics-driven work 

-          Goal-oriented 

-          Personally organized and hard workers 

-          Strong communicators 

-          Committed to collaboration and team-work 

-          Flexible and self-motivated 

-          Willing to commit to 15+ hours a week or 40+ hours a week from early September through December 3rd

Apply here: or contact Rachel at [ed. email omitted].