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State Director  Ria Baldevia

State director for Organizing for American-DNC in 2009.  A field organizer on Obama's campaign in Fall 2008 and field director on his Guam caucus effort.  Founder and principal of The Sensus Group, a Hawaii-based digital marketing & consulting firm.  Author of the children’s adventure series, Meena and Friends.  Undergraduate degree in economics from Trinity College in Washington DC, 2005.  Born and raised in Guam.

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Chairman  Dante Keala Carpenter

(elected May 30, 2010; interim chair from Jan. 2010)  President of Carpenter & Carpenter Inc., a consulting firm.  Has served in several elected offices: trustee of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs from 2002-06; mayor of Hawai’i County from 1984-88; Hawai’i State senator from 1978-84; and Hawai’i County councilman from 1968-76.  Additional experience includes factory and design engineer; public affairs director for a total of 25 years in the Hawaiian sugar industry.  Graduate of the United States Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, NY

Executive Director  Debi Hartmann

Faculty at BYU-Hawaii from 1995-2005 and adjunct professor through 2009.  In the mid-1990s Hartmann co-chaired Hawaii’s Future Today, which opposed gay marriage.  Served on the Hawaii State Board of Education, 1988-94, the last two years as chairman.  Principal of the Kahuku LDS Seminary.  Master's degree from the University of Hawaii-Manoa; bachelor's degree in political science from BYU-Hawaii.