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111 East 16th Street, Suite #1  |  Indianapolis, IN
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State Director  Peter Luster

(Aug. 2011)

Field Director  Chelsey Wininger

(Sept. 2011)  Weatherization project development coordinator for the Indiana Housling and Community Development Authority, 2009-11.  Community organizer for Organizing for America from July 2009.  M.A. in political science from Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis; B.A. in social policy and government from Indiana University Bloomington, 2008.


-42 grassroots volunteer teams and more than 15,000 volunteers in all of Indiana’s 92 counties

-400+ volunteer “Get-Out-The-Vote” Ohio export program

-registered more than 20,800 voters, 89% above set goal

-104 volunteer Organizing Fellows

- $6,000+ monthly operations budget

Indiana Democratic Party  +

Chairman  Dan Parker

(chairman since 2004)  Executive director of the Indiana Democratic Party in 2003-04.  State director to Sen. Evan Bayh for three years.  Coordinated Mayor Bart Peterson’s successful field campaign, as well as the elections of Indianapolis City-County Councilors in 1999.  Political director at the Indiana Democratic Party in both the 1996 and 1998 elections.  Worked on Gov. Evan Bayh's 1992 re-election campaign.  Bachelor's degree in government and politics from George Mason University, 1992.