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Total staff of about 137 (48 statewide and 89 in the field).

State Director  Pete Kavanaugh

A principal at Hilltop Public Solutions.  Advisor on the Jody Wagner for Lt. Governor campaign in Virginia, 2009, and on the Terry McAuliffe for Governor campaign in Virginia, 2009.  Field director on the Virginia Democratic Coordinated Campaign, 2008.  New Hampshire deputy field director on John Edwards for President, 2007-08.  Deputy director of the Missouri Democratic Coordinated Campaign, 2006.  Field director on the Scott Lang for Mayor campaign in New Bedford, MA, 2005.  Political director at IssuesMatter.org, 2004.  Political director on Jim Stork for Congress in FL-22, 2004.  New Hampshire political assistant on the John Edwards for President campaign, 2003-04.  twitter

General Election Director  Dan Herman

Missouri state director for Organizing for America, 2009-10.  A deputy field director on the Campaign for Change in Missouri in Fall 2008 after working in several states during the primaries.


Communications Director  Holly Shulman

(Jan. 11, 2012)  Previously communications director at the NHDP starting April 2011.  Press secretary/media strategist at the Sierra Club, 2010-11.  Communications director on Lee Fisher for Ohio, Fall 2010.  Associate at Rabinowitz/Dorf Communications, 2009-10.  Producer/writer for The McLaughlin Group, 2008-09.  Press secretary on Noriega for Texas, 2008.  Press secretary for Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch, 2007-08.  Political director for Womens Information Network (WIN), 2006-07.  Field staffer on Carney for Congress, 2006.  Manager of member services at the Association for Competitive Technology, 2005-06.  Director of scheduling at ElectionMall Technologies, 2004-05.  B.A. in urban studies from Vassar College, 2004.   twitter

Press Secretary  Harrell Kirstein

(March 2012)  Previously press secretary at the NHDP starting in May 2010 and earlier deputy press secretary.  Served as a NH press aide on the Richardson for President campaign, 2007-Jan. 2008.  B.A. in political science and government from University of Rochester, 2009.

Deputy Press Secretary  Ben Wakana

(Feb. 2012)  Account executive at VOX Global from Sept. 2009-Jan. 2012.  B.A. in government and philosophy from Colby College, 2009.  twitter

Deputy Press Secretary  Sam Lau

(Sept. 2012)  A deputy press secretary at the Democratic National Convention Committee.  U.S. Senate from June 2009-Feb. 2012, starting a a staff assistant, then as a press assistant/deputy speechwriter and finally as a deputy press secretary/speechwriter.  B.A. in journalism and political science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2009.  New Jersey native.  twitter

Press Assistant  Meredith Thatcher


Digital Director  Greg Wasserstrom

Writer, artist, photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.  B.A. in political science from American University, 2007.  Grew up in Houston, TX. twitter

Digital Content Manager  Colin Oldenburg

(July 2012; initially a field organizer in Concord, Oct. 2011-July 2012)  Assistant director at Grassroots Campaigns in Denver, CO, May-Oct. 2011.  B.A. in political science and government from Clark University, 2011.  twitter

Deputy Digital Director  Rose Hyland

(Aug. 2012)  Worked in London for the past several years, most recently as a social media and marketing manager at the Labour Party, and pursuing a professional diploma in marketing, digital marketing from University College London; B.A. in politics and international relations from Loughborough University, 2009.

Online Data Coordinator  Kayla Benker

Student at Claremont McKenna College.  From Omaha, NE.  twitter

Deputy Online Coordinator  Tara McMahon


Field Director  Sara Bean Duncan

(reported Oct. 28, 2011 by James Pindell)  5th CD field director for the Democratic Party of Oregon in Fall 2010 after serving as field director on Bradbury for Governor from March-May 2010 and as deputy campaign manager on DeFazio for Congress, July 2009-Jan. 2010.  Worked as a legislative assistant in the Oregon Legislature, Jan.-June 2009.  B.S. in political science from University of Oregon, 2009.

Deputy Field Director-Management  Michael Ceraso

Student at Pitzer College.  Has worked as a trainer for Greenpeace, a field organizer at the Sierra Club, and campaign manage on the Messer for State Senate campaign in 2010.

Deputy Field Director-Management  Mara Kunin

B.A. in government and history from Lawrence University in Appleton, WI, 2012.  From Brookline.

Deputy Field Director-Management  Kyle B. Sutton


Deputy Field Director-Training and Internships  Samantha Goldman

Jewish educator/program coordinator at the Bronfman Center for Jewish Life, 92nd Street Y from 2010.  Bachelor's degree in international relations and Middle Eastern studies from Tufts University, 2008.

Deputy Field Director-Border States  Joe Palank


Assistant to the DFD-Border States  Kate Malloy

22 Field Offices


Data Director  Amanda Peel

(Oct. 2011)  Colorado data director at ISSI, May-Sept. 2011.  Voter protection and data director at Harry Reid for Senate/Nevada State Democratic Party, May-Nov. 2010.  A regional field director on Virginia Victory '09/Creigh Deeds for Governor.  Field organizer on the Minnesota DFL Coordinated Campaign, 2008, then a legal field coordinator on the Al Franken Recount Committee.  B.A. in women's studies from University of South Carolina-Columbia, 2006.

Deputy Data Directors  James Butler

(Feb. 2012)  M.P.A. from The Ohio State University, 2011; B.A. in business administration from Baldwin-Wallace College, 2007.

Deputy Data Director  Lara Helm

(Aug. 2012)  B.A. in English and computer science from Wellesley College, 2012.

Deputy Data Director  Andrew Magana

Data Support Specialist  Alex Perez-Caballero

Operation Vote

Operation Vote Director  Donna Barry

On leave from Partners In Health, where she started working in 2001.  RN and MSN from the Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professionals, 2001.  Masters’ degrees in international affairs and public health from Columbia University in New York, 1992.  Undergraduate degrees in political science and Russian from Saint Louis University.  twitter

Deputy Operation Vote Director  Ben Wessel

(March 2012)  Previously worked for several months as a surrogate scheduler for Know Your Care/Protect Your Care, and in summer 2011 at the was part of the redistricting team at the DNC.  B.A. in environmental studies from Middlebury College, 2011.  Grew up in Washington, DC.  twitter

Campus Organizer  Anthony Marks

Senior city coordinator in Los Angeles for Greenpeace to June 2012; started working for the organization in Aug. 2008.  Bachelor's degree in communications from UCLA, 2011.

Women's Vote Coordinator  Helen Boyer

(Sept. 2012)  Women's outreach coordinator at the DNC.  B.A. in political science, womne's, gender and sexuality studies at American University, 2012.  twitter

Deputy Women's Vote Coordinator  Katherine Lavelle


Political Director  Sean M. Downey

Executive director of New Jersey Democratic State Committee from Jan. 2011.  Senior political and field advisor on the John Lynch for Governor campaign. Political director on Sen. Chris Dodd's NH primary campaign (reported Feb. 2007).  Northeast political director for Sen. Evan Bayh's All America PAC in 2006; the PAC paid for Downey to work as finance director for the NH Democratic State Senate Caucus starting roughly May 2006.  Deputy scheduler for Sen. Joe Lieberman in his Washington, DC office.  Worked on Sen. Joe Lieberman's NH primary campaign starting in July 2003, doing advance and driving the Joe car.  Field and political director for Manchester City Democrats during the 2002 elections. Undergraduate degree in political science from Holy Cross College, 2002.  Grew up in Long Valley, NJ.  twitter

Deputy Political Director  Amy L. Kennedy

(May 2012)  M.P.A. from University of North Florida, 2011 and worked as a graduate teaching assistant.  District aide in the Florida House of Representatives, 2008-09; campaign manager on re-elect Debbie Boyd for State Representative, 2008.  Director of community relations for Planned Parenthood of North Central Florid, 2004-07.  B.A. in sociology, women's studies and non-profit leadership from University of Florida, 2006.  twitter

Deputy Political Director for Surrogates  Sarah Zukowski

Associate at The Glover Park Group.  twitter

Political Outreach Coordinator  William Hinkle

Master of International Studies from North Carolina State University.  twitter


GOTV Director  Erin Hannigan

Associate director of public engagement at the White House.  Worked on Obama's 2008 campaign starting in 2007 as an intern, then serving as a field organizer in Davenport on the Iowa caucus campaign; continued on to Ohio and North Carolina, and in Fall 2008 was a regional field director on the Campaign for Change in Iowa.  B.A. in public administration, political science and history (triple major) from St. Ambrose University, 2007.  Orland Park, Illinois native.  twitter

Deputy GOTV Director  Joe Lorwin

Experience includes a deputy regional field director on Obama's 2008 Campaign for Change in Missouri.

Voter Protection

Voter Protection Director  Brian Castro

Principal at Areté Law, PLLC.  Economic and regulatory policy advisor to Sen. Chris Coons.  Connolly for Congress 2010.  Senior counsel to the Department of Enforcement of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, 2006-10.  Worked as an attorney at a couple of law firms.  J.D. from Duke University School of Law; B.S. from Cornell University.

Voter Protection Senior Advisor  Ruth Greenwood

L.L.M. from Columbia University School of Law, 2009.

Voter Protection Team  Jennifer Marion, Martha Kinsella, Henry Klementowicz, Niles Friedman, Nick Beeson

Voter Hotline  Roanne Kuenzler


Operations Director  Meagan Coffman

Deputy Operations Director  Emily Schofield

(Aug. 2012)  M.S. in professional communications, 2012, and B.A. in political science, 2011 from Clark University in Worcester, MA; worked as a help desk consultant there for four years.  From Milford, NH.  twitter

Deputy Operations Director for GOTV  Lauren Prince

(Oct. 2012)  Credentials operations manager (June-Sept. 2012) and executive assistant in the Office of the Chief of Staff (June 2011-June 2012) at the Democratic National Convention Committee.  Interned at the White House, Jan.-June 2011.  Field organizer for the Nevada Democratic Party, Sept.-Nov. 2010.  Field organizer on Swett for Congress, May-Sept. 2010.  Graduate of Boston University, 2010.

Operations Assistant/Special Projects  TJ DeKemper

New Hampshire Steering Committee

(announced March 8, 2012)

Digital Director  Brandi Edwards
(Aug. 2011) New media regional desk at the DNC, March-Aug. 2011.  Indiana deputy field director for Organizing for America, July 2009-April 2011.  Started on the Obama 2008 campaign as a field intern in March and in the Fall was a field organizer for the North Carolina Campaign for Change.  B.S. degrees from Indiana State University.

RFD - Kayla Calkin
Master’s in public policy with a concentration in women’s studies from The George Washington University, May 2011.  New Hampshire staffer for the Clinton campaign in 2008.  Bachelor's degree in political science from Wellesley College, 2007.