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State Director  Hector Nieto

(June 2011)  Texas communications director for Organizing for America, Oct. 2009-May 2011.  In the 2008 cycle Nieto was communications director for the Texas Democratic Party after serving as deputy communications director.  Legislative director for Texas Representative Rafael Anchia.  Field representative to Congressman Martin Frost for three years.  B.A. degree from St. Edwards University in Austin, TX, 2000.

Field Director  Michael Apodaca

Owner at Marquis Wireless, a cell phone store, with his mother starting in 2009.   El Paso regional field director (2009) and then deputy field director (2009-11) for Organizing for America   Has worked on numerous campaigns and in June 2012 was elected treasurer of the Texas Democratic Party.  B.A. in political science from University of Texas at El Paso, 2007; founded University Democrats and president of Texas Young Democrats, 2005-07.  Resident of El Paso.

Dallas - 4290 Parry Ave.
Regional Field Director  Taylor Holden
(Jan. 2012; started as an Organizing Fellow in Aug. 2011)  Working towards a B.A. in political science and government from St. Edward's University.
Field Organizers:  Irma Fernandex, Kendra Watts.

Houston - 4400 Almeda Ave.
Regional Field Director  Stephanie Caballero
(removed in Oct. 2012 after incident)  Campaign manager on Criselda Romero for District Judge from July 2011.  Correspondence in Mayor Parker  B.A. from University of Houston, 2009.
Field Organizer:  Adrienne Bell.  Deputy Field Organizer:  Daniel Bottiger.

El Paso
- 2226 Montana Ave.
Regional Field Director  Christopher Tarango
(Feb. 2012; served as Texas digital lead from Aug. 2011-Aug. 2012)  Public relations and social media strategist in Austin (Accolades Public Relations), May 2011-Feb. 2012.  Consulting practice group fellow at Public Strategies, Inc, Jan.-May 2011.  Political fundraiser at Telefund, July 2010-Jan. 2011.  B.A. in political science from The University of Texas at El Paso, 2010.
Field Organizer:
  Christopher Hernandez.

- 2406 Manor Rd.
Regional Field Director  Megan Klein
(Jan. 2012)  Teacher at 77 Mandarin Preschool, Dec. 2010-May 2011.  Leadership program instructor at the C5 Texas Youth Foundation, summer 2010.  White House intern, Fall 2009.  English teacher at Gloria English School, 2008-09.  Production assistant at Landes bioscience, 2007-08.  B.A. in English and linguistics from The University of Texas at Austin, 2007.
Field Organizers: 
Jessica Weldon, Patrick Batchelor, David Alexander.

Digital Field Organizer
:  Adrian Rocha

Colleen Loper was also the RFD in Houston, but left in June to serve as an RFD in Florida.

>A major focus of the Texas campaign was calling Florida.

Texas Democratic Party        +

Chairman  Gilberto Hinojosa

(elected June 9, 2012)  Practices law in Brownsville.  Elected Cameron County Judge and served for 12 years.  Appointed in 1987 by Gov. Mark White as Judge to the 107th District Court where he served until he was elected Justice of the 13th Court of Appeals, serving 20 South Texas counties from the Rio Grande Valley to Nueces and Matagorda counties, south of Houston.  Elected to the Board of Trustees of the Brownsville Independent School District in 1984.  Managing attorney for the Brownville office of Texas Rural Legal Aid, Inc.  Practiced law as an attorney for Migrant Legal Action Program (MLAP) in Washington, DC.  J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center; bachelor’s degree from Pan American University (now University of Texas, PAU).  Born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley. 

Executive Director  Bill Brannon

(announced June 13, 2011, effective July 2011)  Brannon moved up from his position as deputy political director for party operations.  "He has been part of over 150 campaigns at all levels and in virtually all positions."