source: https://my.barackobama.com/page/content/hq-department-descriptions [noted June 6, 2012]


Department 270, whose name is derived from the 270 electoral votes needed to win, directs the campaign’s state strategy and programs. Most importantly, they oversee the grassroots programs in the states, and coordinate the President’s ground game.


Accounting is responsible for paying, tracking, and reconciling and financial disbursements. Additionally, Accounting records receipts of contributions and other miscellaneous revenue.


Analytics uses data that the campaign collects, as well as information from outside sources to help departments such as 270, Digital, Fundraising, Media and Project Vote make strategic decisions about their operations and allow them to better allocate resources.


The Communications Department manages the campaign’s external communications and media relations. Communications monitors the media coverage of campaign officials and surrogates alike in both national and regional press. They also manage and distribute all press releases, advisories and other forms of communication on behalf of the campaign.


In addition to making sure the campaign is only accepting financial support from sources allowed by the federal election commission, our vetting team reviews all contributions to make sure we are not taking funds from any unwanted sources, such as lobbyists. In addition to vetting, they ensure we are in compliance with the various requirements placed on federal campaign committees by the FEC.


The correspondence department is responsible for responding to the needs, comments, and questions of our constituents. Correspondence addresses the concerns received, tracks the comments coming in, and ensures that information is flowing to the appropriate departments. Correspondence also proactively reaches out to various constituencies on behalf of other departments to make sure that every voice is heard, recognized, responded to, and respected.


Team Data is focused on turning information into action. We work with virtually every department on the campaign to manage campaign databases and online tools, create reports, audit and clean up source data, and provide training and support to the states.


The Digital Team is responsible for online fundraising, email, text messaging, video, social media, and design. We work to integrate online and offline organizing, and use web-based tools to connect supporters to the campaign.


The finance department oversees the fundraising operations on the campaign and is responsible for raising the funds that fuel Obama for America activities in all 50 states. An intern in finance will learn the ins and outs of political fundraising and assist finance staff in the planning and execution of OFA fundraisers across the country.

Human Resources

The Human Resources (HR) department is responsible for development, implementation and evaluation of ongoing HR policies, programs, functions and activities with an emphasis on the benefits and payroll areas, onboarding and insuring that the organization is in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Our role is to create an environment of respect, empower, include and win from the very first day that a new staffer steps their foot in the door.


IT supports the systems and personal technology that people require to run basic office applications, use cell or landline phones, exchange email or simply surf the internet.

Marketing & Merchandise

The Marketing & Merchandise Department oversees all grassroots fundraising for the campaign. This includes direct mail, personal grassroots fundraising and telemarking operations. It is also responsible for all of the campaign merchandise as it relates to fundraising, including the development, production, marketing and sales – online and offline. In addition, it works in close coordination with the digital team in any grassroots fundraising efforts.

Operation Vote

Operation Vote is the department within the campaign that will drive campaign efforts for our core constituencies and will be the nexus between our field and paid media activities for these constituencies.

Operations - State Operations

State Operations ensures that the grassroots field program and state staff have the resources they need to operate effectively and develops systems and processes to facilitate their work. We provide day-to-day support in hiring and onboarding new staff members, opening offices, managing budgets, planning and executing events, and logistics. In addition, the State Operations team serves as a liaison for state staff to other campaign departments such as Human Resources, Technology, Compliance, and Accounting.


The political team seeks to help the campaign’s efforts by ensuring that key national and state stakeholders are engaged and working in synergy with the re-election operation. They work closely with elected officials, party leaders, Labor, and opinion leaders around the country.


The Research Department gathers information, provides content and answers questions about the President and his administration’s record and accomplishments to staff at HQ and in the field, supporters and key allies. We monitor attacks and smears, correcting the record when opponents and critics attempt to distort it. In addition, we fact-check the President and First Lady’s remarks for campaign events.


The surrogate team engages with people outside of the campaign (from business leaders to politicians to musicians and actors) and gets them involved in re-electing the president. We connect with all departments both in HQ and across the country to make sure our surrogates are well prepared to help the campaign raise funds, amplify messages and grow grassroots support.


The technology team builds systems and applications to support the work of the campaign. Members include software developers, user experience designers, product managers and infrastructure management. We work with every other team to make their systems work more smoothly and effectively and to design new software products to accomplish campaign objectives.


The Training Department develops the programs and resources our staff and volunteers use to teach others how to grow our campaign in their communities. They recognize patterns of challenges that staff and volunteers are facing in the field and create initiatives and programs to address those challenges. The training department also produces many of the written materials that staff in the field use on a daily basis like: how-to-guides, powerpoint presentations, one-pagers of best practices, staff management and coaching resources, and volunteer leadership manuals. Finally, they run the fellowship and Summer Organizers programs, designed to train and develop budding community organizers. The training department is looking for interns with community organizing experience and extremely strong writing/speaking skills.

WASHINGTON, June 5, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Former Presidential Candidate Gary Bauer congratulated Governor Scott Walker for his win in Wisconsin's recall election, calling it "another sign that taxpayers will award office holders ready to do the hard work of reigning in out-of-control government spending."

Bauer, the chairman of the Campaign for Working Families,  made the following statement:

"I congratulate Governor Scott Walker for his hard-fought victory tonight, and most especially for having the courage of his convictions to fight the good fight. But the victory in Wisconsin is not Scott Walker's alone.  It is a victory for the hard-working taxpayers of Wisconsin, who foot the bill year after year.  It is a victory for common sense over powerful special interests.  It is a victory that taxpayers in every state can celebrate.  It is a victory, yes, even for some union members.

"Since Gov. Walker's reforms were enacted, tens of thousands of state employees have opted to keep more of the money they earn rather than let the public employees union siphon off their hard-earned dollars.  In other words, once given the choice, more than half of the public employees union's members decided that they didn't need the union.  These reforms will pay real dividends for the taxpayers of Wisconsin.  They are the real winners tonight.

"The recall election is a sign of good things to come.  The power of the Big Labor bosses has finally been checked, not just in Wisconsin, but also in scores of other states across the country.  More governors, legislators and taxpayers will be inspired to stand up against the liberal labor unions and do what is truly in the best interests of their communities.  Wisconsin's 10 Electoral College votes are now in play, and the anti-tax, small government movement that swept the country in 2010 is about to sweep Barack Obama out of office in 154 days!"

Source: PR Newswire (http://s.tt/1drYR)